Saturday, April 24, 2010

Coffee Shipment

We received 5 bags of coffee on Wednesday.  I've been using a lot of Sumatran, especially the Gayo Supreme fair trade/organic.  I use a Sumatran in several of my blends and sales of some of these have been increasing rapidly.  These are all coffees that we use regularly with the exception of a different Peru and Ethiopian Yirgacheffe.  The LaFlorida is no longer available until the next crop comes out this summer.  The replacement is Peru  Cooparm.  This is very similar to the LaFlorida, smooth and rich with milk chocolate notes and a buttery finish.  I had the opportunity to cup the new Organic Yirgacheffe when I visited Royal Coffee earlier this month.  It is a fantastic coffee, smooth with intense floral and blueberry notes and nice body and acidity.  Any coffee lover will find this a very fine and interesting coffee.  The other coffee that arrived is FTO Guatemala Huehuetenango.  This is another coffee that we use a lot of.

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