Sunday, April 11, 2010

Coffee House Name

I have made an offer to purchase The Field's Coffeehouse(Jack & Wezzie's) in Potsdam and the offer was accepted.  Lisa and I are very excited about this.  I think it will be a huge challenge as well  as a lot of fun.  If the bank and owner of the building agree with my plans we will be making big changes to the shop.  The setup will be totally different, and much more functional.  

We will also be changing the name.  I have a lot of ideas, but would like to ask for help with this from my readers.  If any of you suggest a name and I decide to use it, you will win one pound of St. Lawrence Valley Roasters (your choice) coffee per month for 6 months.  I'm hoping this will generate some good input and maybe some discussion.  Thanks ahead of time for your help with this.

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