Saturday, March 27, 2010

Planned Road Trip and New Coffees

This week I'll be taking a road trip with my nephew Travis O'Brien.  On Tuesday we are driving to Delaware to check out new coffee roasters at Delaware City Coffee in Claymont Delaware.  Chris Crain, the owner manufactures Geometrico Coffee Roasters.  I've spoken to him several times and will have the chance to see his 15 kilo roaster in action, and hopefully get to roast myself.  Roasting on a different machine is always exciting.  This meeting will take place Wednesday morning.  

After leaving there we will be checking out some roasting operations and coffee shops in New Jersey and spending the night somewhere in Northern NJ.  Thursday morning we will be stopping at Royal Coffee, NY on Staten Island.  We will be picking up 8 bags of coffee including 3 new coffees.  We will also have a cupping session with the Royal staff.  This will be a lot of fun and truly a learning experience.  The folks at Royal cup every day and have amazing palates.  Cupping with them always helps me learn more about coffee and enhances mt skills which helps me assure that the coffees we offer are the best available.  I will also get the chance to taste some new coffees that Royal is offering.  After cupping we will be loading 8 bags of coffee into my Honda Element and driving home.  The ride should be interesting with all that weight in the vehicle, but it's a Honda so there shouldn't be a problem.    

The new coffees are:

Costa Rican Naranjo Especial - smooth sweet lemon with clean milk chocolate flavor, clean with nice acidity and  good body

Fair Trade/Organic Timor - medium body, nice balance with dark chocolate syruppy flavor

Ethiopian East Harrar - mild acidity, heavy body, mild blueberry and  chocolate flavors

They will all be great!


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