Friday, March 26, 2010

Costa Rican La Amistad

  1. La Amistad
It is a beautiful, sunny, cold morning in Lisbon.  The east wind is whipping across our hay field.  In the house the wood stove is stoked and my coffee cup is hot.  My coffee this morning is Organic Costa Rican La Amistad.  This is a perfect example of a Costa Rican coffee.  It has nice acidity, good body, and a long smooth sweet lemony, chocolatey finish.  It is a great morning coffee, but also good any time of day.  It is not an in your face type of coffee, but a relaxing thoroughly enjoyable cup.  Many folks call Costa Ricans the "perfect coffee" due to it's wonderful balance of flavors, acidity, body, and aroma.

La Amistad Estate is  located in southern Costa Rica and is surrounded on 3 sides by rainforest.  The coffee is shade grown and is grown in a manner that allows wildlife to pass through under cover of the jungle.  If you are interested learning more about this amazing estate and how they grow their coffee in organically and sustainably check out this link.  It is a very good website.          

Try this coffee!  You won't be disappointed.

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