Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday Roasting

Summer View From Roasting Shop

Today's View From Roasting Shop

This morning the temperature was 8 below zero and windy.  The shop warmed up quickly once I fired up the roaster.  I had an internet order for Kenya AA, so it was my first roast of the day..  The Kenyan that I have now is from the Kiawamururu Estate.  It is a great Kenyan.  I roast it to a medium roast, just before the 2nd crack.  This is also called a Full City Roast.  One of the best aspects of Kenyan coffe is it's acidity.  This roast allows the acidity in the coffee to sparkle and fully develops the other coffee flavors.  This coffee is full of citrus flavors, especially grapefruit and has a fruity/peachy finish as well as good body.
I also roasted our new Flores Bajawa Ngura from Indonesia.  The highlight of this cofffee is it's thick syruppy body.  It has dark chocolate notes that my importer calls baker's chocolate.  The finish is peppery/spicey.  This is a wonderful coffee.
I also roasted Sumatra Mandheling.  This is another Indonesian coffee, but is processed differently that the Flores.  The Sumatran is naturally processed.  This means that the coffee cherry fruit is allowed to dry on the coffee bean before it is removed giving the coffee more of a fruity taste.  This coffee has full body and chocolate notes, and has fruity notes in the aftertaste.
The other coffee roasted today was Yemen Mokha Harasi.  Good Yemen Coffees are amazing.  They are naturally processed, so can have wonderful fruit flavors.  I like this coffee just slightly into the 2nd crack. (Full City +) This makes the coffee more pungent with darker fruit flaovrs than at the lighter roasts. 
I also had an order for Sumatra Royal Select FTO decaf.  This is a water process decaf which means that the decaffeination process uses no chemicals.  I prefer the Royal Select because Royal coffee selects good coffees that they cup and test to assure their quality, and then send them to be decaffeinated.  My decaf customers love this one.  My other order today was for Sumatra FTO half-caff.  This blend is half regular Sumatran and half Sumatra decaf.  It is great for folks who want a little caffeine and a great coffee.  Decaf beans roast faster than regular beans, so the two coffees roast to differnt points.  The decaf beans end up darker than the regular beans resulting in a melange that is very tasty.


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