Monday, February 1, 2010

Coffee Arrival

We are getting a coffee shipment today.  All are Fair Trade/Organics and are all coffees that we normally have on hand.  They are all available as single origin coffee and are also all used in various blends that I have developed.  They are Sumatra Mandheling Gayo Supreme, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Ethiopian Sidamo, and Peru La Florida.  These are all great coffees! 

Cupping notes for these coffees:

Sumatra Mandheling Gayo - full body with fruit & dark chocolate notes with a rich syruppy finish

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe - very unique, lemony & almost tealike, nice body with jasmine & floral notes

Ethiopian Natural Sidamo -  sweet cherry start with lemon & creamy notes with smooth, clean body and a sweet berry finish

Peru La Florida - sweet & smooth with nice acidity, light fruit and cocoa notes and a long sweet finish

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