Saturday, January 23, 2010

New Coffees

Yesterday I received a shipment of coffee from Royal Coffee, NY.  Royal is the importer that I usually buy from.  They are located on Staten Island and offer coffees from all coffee growing areas of the world.  The coffees that arrived include two new crop coffees.  The first is a coffee that I have been anticipating for some time.  It is Columbian Mesa de Lao Santos.  The translation is "Table of the Saints".  This coffee is certified organic & bird friendly as well as Certified by the Rain Forest Alliance.  Mesa has everything a Columbian coffee fan would expect.  It is balanced with good body and fruity notes.  When first ground the aroma of this coffee is amazing.   The other new crop is a Sumatra Mandheling.  This coffee has heavy body and low acidity.  It is rich with dark chocolate, syrup, pepper and earthy notes.
Another of our new arrivals is another Indonesian coffee Flores Bajawa Ngura.  This coffee has typical Indonesian low acidity and full body. It also has notes of chocolate, vanilla bean, and caramel flavors with a walnut finish.  I'm very excited about these coffees and can't wait to start roasting them.
The other coffees we received include an FTO Guatemalan Huehuetenango.  My customers have been impatiently waiting for this to arrive.  It is a typical Huehue with nice acidity, chocolate and fruity notes.  Another is Ethiopian Longberry Harrar.  This coffee is an excellent Harrar with great  body and wonderful blueberry tones.  Also arriving was FTO Sumatra Mandheling Royal Select Decaf.  This is a water process decaf that is as rich and satisfying as a regular Sumatran.  It is rich with dark chocolate and syruppy notes. 
Tomorrow morning I'll be roasting some of these new coffees.  It should be a good day!

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