Friday, September 3, 2010

New Ethiopian Coffees

Today we will be receiving a delivery of two new Ethiopian Coffees. They are both fantastic coffees. These are the cupping notes from the importer, Royal Coffee, NY.

Fair Trade/ Organic Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Oromia Co-op - "After waiting through some shipping delays, our patience has been rewarded, the Oromia Co-op has delivered another great Yirgacheffe. The cup starts with nice lemon and orange tones followed by sweet citrus-peach hints and a very pleasant floral finish. All these characteristics lend themselves to the delicate balance we expect from a great Yirgacheffe."

Ethiopian Natural Sidamo Grade 3 Guji Special - "Hands down the best natural Ethiopian this year. The Grade 3 distinction means the coffee was triple hand sorted and more defects removed resulting in a better cup than the traditional Grade 4. At a light roast the Guji delivered the fruitiness we were looking for, sweet and syrupy strawberry flavors with blueberry tones and chocolate-citrus notes at the finish."

I'm excited to offer both of these coffees. This is the third year we have offered the Oromia Yirgacheffe. It doesn't seem possible that we are almost into our third year in business. Time flies when you're having fun!!

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